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Future Ft. Miley Cyrus & Mr Hudson – Real and True (Official Video)

Future nabs Miley and Mr. Hudson for his new single!!

Kyle – Beautiful Loser (EP)

Kyle is back again with his project “Beautiful Loser” you can get the free version or you can buy it off itunes and get the 3 bonus songs!!

Click here to download
Click here to buy

KYLE – Keep It Real (Official Video)

“It’s funny how many times the expression “I Keep It Real” or “Damn cuh, I’m real as fuck!” is used in rap, usually by a bunch of people who carry this preconceived idea of what being “Real” really is. Most of which are probably FAKER then that wack ass sham wow commercial from a few years ago… That shit don’t really work. Being “Real”, is being who you REALLY are, and not some generic drug dealing New York rapper with diamonds in both ears #245. Im not gonna lie I’ve never shot anybody or sliced a brick, I was into drama… I play mid-evil RPG’s, I watch “Everybody Loves Raymond” and actually like it… Look up Bobby Caldwell that nigga got bars. I dont lie about who I am… and neither should anyone else. IDGAF who thinks otherwise, I Keep It Real.”